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Our Products ( XDDM and XCRM ) will the benefit of paperless and automation environment, secure and reliable. We have a set of services, like software development, customized and financial services like taxation service for Company Revenue Tax and individual Income Tax.


No need to keep the documents in paper, ask Our XDDM, make them digital and rent the storage from us monthly or yearly.

Software Development

Any application need, but you could not find. Then let us help you to create new application, customized for your company.

Project Management

You have an IT Project, need a Project Manager for short defined time. Call us, and we can discuss about the project.

Application Concept and Design

You want to have some process be automated, but don't know how to computerized the process, we can help you for design and concept.

Taxation and Accounting

You need help to pay the TAX correct and secure, we will help you,making sure you pay the tax only what you have to. We work together with Jurnal.ID closed in bringing new era of Accounting System.

Financial Audit

Check again you financial statement before it goes to Assurance Service before Publishing, the you should call us to help.

XDDM - Digital Document Management

Confused about to keep or not the documents you have? We arrange it for you, in our solution XDDM, reliable, cheap and effective efficient.

XCRM - Customer Relationship Management

This nature of CRM is the based many system, like Telemarketing System, Call Center System, Sales Marketing System.

XCARE - Clinic and Hospital Management System

Incoming, and the development is still in progress.

Andreas Jiman

Project and System Auditor

Skillful Person with many diverse experiences in public and private sectors.

Niki Akbar

Network and Security Expert

Competent,fastlearner with many knowhow in Firewall and HW Installation.


Network and Wireless Expert

Fastlearner, openminded,like to explorer wireless device and wireless security, dedicated and result oriented.

Dani Satria

General Programming Expert

Programming Explorer, new tech minded, quite skilful person with dedicated manner.

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    Grace Chandra, Yayasan Australian Independent School.

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    Afdhol Marthoni, PT Windsor Indonesia.

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    Ati, Biro Organisasi Pemda Jawa Barat.

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    Arthi, Bapenda Provinsi Jawa Barat.

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